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The Ailbe Seminary equips leaders to prepare God’s people as citizens and ambassadors in His Kingdom.

Laddership Curriculum

Online training and training for Kingdom leadership.

The purpose of a ladder is to help someone attain greater height. Our Laddership Curriculum is designed to train leaders who lay down their lives for those they serve, to assist them in gaining more of the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of Christ, and realizing more of the upward prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Two Levels of Study Audit Classes or Take Them for Credit

In the Laddership Curriculum of The Ailbe Seminary, you can study at one of two levels. As a Auditor in any course, you do as much work as you like. Watch the videos. Peruse the resources. Whatever meets your need and available time. If you register for Credit in a Certificate Program, we will provide you a course Reader to help you in working through all the sessions and assignments for each course, and to record a final “Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory” grade for your coursework, and to guide you into the next study in your Certificate program. Be sure to indicate on your course registration form which level of study you prefer.

Two Certificate Programs

The Ailbe Seminary offers two Certificate programs.

Certificate in Kingdom Studies

The Certificate in Kingdom studies is ideal for learners who want to increase their understanding of the scope of Christian truth, and to discover the keys to fruitful and joyful living within the Kingdom of God. Courses are available for individual or group study on an online basis. The Certificate in Kingdom Studies requires the completion of seven courses:

Certificate in Kingdom Leadership

The Certificate in Kingdom Leadership is designed for pastors, elders, and other church leaders, to equip them with essential skills in spiritual growth, disciple-making, worship, and bearing witness for our Lord. Course Guides are provided to lead the learner through each of the six required courses and two electives.


Electives (Select Two)

Register Today

To register for courses at The Ailbe Seminary, first register with the Seminary (if you haven’t already) by using the Register link in the top menu. Courses are listed here. Watch the Course Previews and download the Course Introductions and Overviews. Then register for the course or courses of your choice. All registrations are free. Students may request a Reader to guide them through the course, and a Reader will be assigned as they are available. Students may complete courses without a Reader by completing assignments on their own.